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Azure’s Genesis will be a new technology hybrid tabletop/portable USFDA 510k cleared collagen regenerating super-intense LED Photo Therapy for the reduction of all types of facial wrinkles. Follow on versions will provide Anti Aging and Pain Relief Therapy. This innovative model will be a clinically effective Professional device also suitable for home or medispa use.

  • Full Face convenient 3-minute a day for 5 days OR one 20-minute a week session (full protocol time of 2 months)
  • Gentle and safe for in-home clinical level treatments
  • Identical in power and treatment performance to any Dermatologist Panel system on the market
  • Left module is removable for travel on the 2 Pod Genesis version
  • Operates either by AC/DC wall plug or Cordless with rechargeable Lipoly Battery Power
  • The table-top device, a 2 modular unit connected by flexible carbon fiber “arm stalks” articulate to fit any angle or treatment area for MediSpas and home use
  • The professional dermatologist office machine, a 4 modular unit connected by flexible carbon fiber “arm stalks” are built on a lightweight streamline frame with rolling wheel mounts for ease of transport to different treatment rooms and storage

The Genesis image is a first design rendering and will be modified when the product design is finalized. Check back for the new version look!