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Positive and Negative Effects of Sun Exposure

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In the cold winter months, doesn’t it feel great when the sun comes out and says hello to everyone and everything with its warm embrace? Immediately, one tends to feel comforted, rejuvenated, and re-energized. And there’s no need to emphasize how much everyone loves summers, right? In summers, everything becomes vibrant, more colorful, and full of life. All we want to do in those days is to go outside and soak in the sunshine from morning till the sun goes down. But before planning something like this, let’s explore the effects of sun exposure.

Yes, everybody’s familiar with some of the most common effects of sun exposure, such as tanning and sunburns. And to counter that, it’s advised to use sunscreen before heading out. But what else? What other effects are caused by too much sun exposure, especially on the skin? Relax, this article isn’t just going to recount a long list of harmful effects! It’s going to discuss both positive as well as negative effects of sun exposure and how one can enjoy the warmth of the sun without getting negatively affected by its harmful radiations.

Sun Exposure’s Positive Effects

Let’s begin with some good news first – sun exposure, in moderation, actually brings in wellbeing and health. Surprised, right? The truth is that UV rays or the ultraviolet rays of the sun are an essential component required by the human body to produce vitamin D. This vitamin is also known to boost immunity and helps people to retain strength in their bones and muscles.

Additionally, UV rays can help recover from skin ailments like psoriasis, which is symptomized by rapid shedding of the skin, which makes the skin dry and scaly, and causes too much itchiness as well. People with this skin condition are advised to spend some time in the sun since UV rays help slow down the pace at which new skin cells are made in the patient’s body, providing some relief from the constant itchiness and dryness.

Sunshine also helps lift a person’s mood or state of mind, especially if this person has been in a gloomy state of mind from the last few days. Studies have shown a direct relation between sun exposure and the production of mood-lifting hormones such as tryptamines, which is produced in the brain by the pineal gland. So, next time when the dreaded dark days of cold winters arrive, simply plan a trip to somewhere sunny and beachy and beat them blues with sunshine and, of course, positive vibes!

Sun Exposure’s Negative Effects

So, clearly, a little bit of sun exposure is definitely beneficial for our health and general wellbeing. But the problem is there’s a fragile line between what’s ‘little bit’ and what’s ‘too much’ sun exposure. Before one realizes what’s what damaging effects of the sun start showing on the skin and on the health of this person. Besides sunburns, the harmful effects of the sun can also be seen in the form of heat strokes and blurry vision. In extreme cases, too much exposure to UV rays could even lead to the development of severe ailments like skin cancers.

Skin cancers are of various different kinds, and depending on the type of cancer, there are different stages of severity one could experience because of excessive sun exposure. The risk of developing skin cancer is directly proportional to one’s age and the amount of sun exposure he/she is susceptible to. So, a more cautious approach would be to minimize sun exposure to a bare minimum, especially during the summers.

Another truly disastrous way in which excessive sun exposure could prove detrimental is – early onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Too much sun exposure leads to accelerated signs of aging, the appearance of wrinkles being the main culprit. Collagen in the skin, which is responsible for keeping the skin smooth and firm, starts breaking up due to excessive sun exposure. When collagen loses its ability to retain its natural shape, skin tends to lose its elasticity and firmness, thus causing wrinkles and saggy skin. Drak spots and pigmentation can also be caused due to too much exposure to UV rays.

How to Prevent Harmful Effects of Excessive Sun Exposure

The good news is – there are so many different methods one can adopt to minimize the damage caused by excessive sun exposure. These days, by employing the right kind of products or technologies, one can reduce or even reverse the damage which has been caused by the sun.

Use Sunscreen – Buy a good quality sunscreen with an SPF rating of 35 or higher. If a trip to the beach is on the table, opt for a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 50 or higher. And as a general rule, always apply the sunscreen 15-20 minutes before heading out.

Umbrellas and Hats – Avoiding sunlight by sitting under shade is the best way to avoid excessive sun exposure. If it’s an absolute must, wear a large-brimmed hat or carry an umbrella.

Anti-Aging Products and Treatments – These days, there are many products available in the market that can reverse the signs of aging caused due to excessive sun exposure. Invest in good quality products with ingredients like Retinoids, Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid. Use creams and serums rich in Vitamin E and C. Alternatively, one can also go for anti-wrinkle treatments like – Microdermabrasion, Injectables, Chemical Peels, and Laser Resurfacing.

So, after going through all this information, it’s safe to conclude that there’s no reason to shut ourselves out during the day time. We just need to take a few precautionary steps before stepping out, which includes figuring out a few quality products that can help us maintain the texture and firmness of the skin.

So, let’s bring out those stylish summer hats and fancy shades, and let’s enjoy the summer days soaking in the sunshine for hours on end.

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