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Start: Hold unit in your palm ( unit senses being held in your palm ), swipe thumb over indented area 2 times to tum on Treatment Mode.

Stop: Swipe thumb 2 times to turn unit off (Orion and Radiance will shut itself off every 7 minutes—if you are treating more than 2 areas in 2 sessions just power unit back on).

Orion/Radiance have several audible sounds, timers and visual indicator LEDs for battery state, treatment time que and auto shutoff features. Please review the User Guide.

Note: Touch the Stainless-Steel ring to your skin OR use your thumb to contact the ring for treatment LEDs to illuminate. Orion and Radiance are effective on wrinkle areas when the lens and ring are actually touching or within 1/8th inch of skin contact-so if you use your thumb to contact the ring and turn on the treatment LEDs, be certain that the ring and lens are right up close to the treatment area!


The Orion/Radiance units reduce facial wrinkles with a 3-minute a day per treatment area schedule. (See Fig 1 for treatment area examples). The device uses 4 different colors or wavelengths of high intensity LED light to stimulate collagen activity beneath your wrinkles.

Fig 1: Example of treatment areas. The following image and information will show what to do to accomplish your wrinkle reducing goal.

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* Azure will soon introduce a High Grade Holistic (See Iridessence) serums to work with Orion and Radiance.

The treatment protocol is simple. Select a treatment area and use Orion/Radiance 3 minutes a day on that treatment area for at least 5 days a week for a period of 8 weeks. The Orion/Radiance will beep every 3 minutes to alert you that the session is concluded for that area of treatment.

See FIG 1 for treatment area examples. Keep the treatment area for each 3-minute session small and localized 3 inches path along those lines of dashes shown in FIG 1 for best results Select a few treatment areas to “concentrate on.” Facial wrinkles did not appear overnight and they will not disappear overnight either.

Note: For each treatment session, please keep the device in contact with the skin, while gliding it back and forth along the treatment areas.

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