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Gail K. Naughton, Ph.D.

Gail K. Naughton, Ph.D.

Chief Regenerative Medicine Advisor and Azure Investor

Gail K. Naughton, Ph.D., has been in tissue engineering research for 30 years, holds over 105 patents, and founded two regenerative medicine companies. Her current venture, Histogen, is focused on novel products from hypoxia induced stem cells. She is the Company’s CSO/CBDO and invented its core technology. She was the founder/co-inventor at Advanced Tissue Sciences, oversaw the design and development of the world’s first up-scaled manufacturing facility for tissue engineered products, established major corporate development partnerships, raised over $350M, and brought four products from concept through market launch. At Histogen Dr. Naughton developed a new skin care product, ReGenica, which was recently acquired by Allergan.

Dr. Naughton has been extensively published and a frequent speaker in the field of tissue engineering. In 2000, Dr. Naughton received the 27th Annual National Inventor of the Year award by the Intellectual Property Owners Association in honor of her pioneering work in regenerative medicine. She served as the Dean of the SDSU College of Business Administration from 2002-2011.