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  1. Great product! This is an awesome light! I use it every night. I already have one and got this one for backup. This one is a much better price than the first one I bought. Fast shipping and easy transaction

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  2. This Product Delivers! After receiving this unit, it took about four hours to charge. My background: I turn 63 this week and have fair freckled skin, which is sensitive to sun. This is the only product that actually does reverse fissures and the depth of wrinkles and I am probably the most extreme case for testing it! I worked in two South American countries for 19 ½ years without a car, so had massive amounts of time in the sun. I then lived in the deep south in the US for 8 years while going to school and then working. The UVA and UVB damage to my skin is extensive just from day to day living in these climates. As a full time-caregiver, I now spend quite a bit of time outdoors with lawn care. I had many deep vertical lines under both eyes on my cheeks, loose skin under the chin line, dozens of tiny lines all around lip area, furrows on my forehead, and “crepe” skin elsewhere. Almost none of this is genetic for freckled skin, as my 94 yr. old mother who has the same skin but never went outdoors does not have any of this other than the loose skin under her chin. Twice, people asked me if I was my sister’s and brother’s mother my skin was so extremely damaged, and I am very slender and trim, so I attribute that error to how damaged it had become. Since I am highly allergic to every lotion and cream on the market, I never use skin creams, so any benefit from this light is strictly from using it, not any other product. I use the light twice daily for about 75 minutes total—early AM and before bed at night. I have targeted under eye/cheeks and around lips/below chin area, as they were the worst. The immediate effect was that my skin felt tighter right away. After maybe two to three weeks I noticed that the deep lines on my cheeks were not as deep. It is easy to monitor progress as the red light shows the depth of the furrows very clearly, so this was very noticeable. This encouraged me but also became my guide for strategizing areas to work on—especially surrounding these furrows--to enable the skin to get back in place. After 16 weeks, there are no more deep furrows on my cheeks, only a few lines left on each side. Each week now, one of those flattens out so is almost not visible to the red light. I have gone from about 9 visible lines to now only 3 that are spreading out on the left (the driving side that probably gets more sun exposure). The right side is now down from 5 deep ones to only one that is deeper with a few slight ones. The downside is that at about the 5 to 8 week point, as the furrows were filling in, they flattened out so became much more visible—which resulted in an overall crepe look that is only now beginning to diminish slightly. I still go by the depth of the lines I see with the red light for progress, as the very visible flattened-out fissures were a little disconcerting. My chin/along bone line area is going much faster, perhaps because that skin is not as damaged so responds more quickly. I only began that part 3 weeks ago but it is being restored fast! To begin using the light I was pretty easy on my skin (as it does heat up the longer it is on) swiping in about 2 ½ to 3” areas, but smaller is better so now can keep it to under 2” spaces at a time. I turn the light off with every 3 minute warning, and then turn it back on to do a different area. Since collagen needs Vitamin C, I do three things without fail: eat at least one high Vitamin C fresh fruit every day for breakfast, take a 100 mg. chewable Vitamin C tablet 3 times a week, and went to only drinking decaf coffee, as caffeine causes the body to excrete massive amounts of Vitamin C. My best advice is to be patient and give yourself time for it to give results, be faithful in using it, and keep to small areas for greater impact.

    Terry Norton
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  3. A must have! I love the handheld Tool.The warning effect is nice,I have noticed a brightness in my tone and maybe a softness in lines around eyes and forehead. Would Recommend. Disclosure I am an Advisor for a skin care company called Beauty Society, So the product also helps. But this light is great.

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  4. Targets too small an area! Seems to help fine lines and I can use it while watching tv. Decided a mask would be a move efficient use of my time.

    A. Schmoll
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  5. Love this product! I have used this every night for three months and am very impressed with the results. I am 66 years old and I am so surprised when I look in a mirror because of the difference! The lines on my face are diminished and the texture is so much better. You do have to use this for at least 2 months before you start to see results, but if you keep at it I think you will be pleased. I certainly am!

    Amazon Customer
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  6. It takes 8 weeks! Ease of use!

    Zelda Russell
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  7. The product is easy to use and holds the charge for a long time ! This is my 3rd/final update...using this product for 6 wks, I only missed 4 days. I have 6 areas that I am concentrating on: forehead, below both eyes, at the nasolabial wrinkle (side of mouth to nostril) both sides and neck. No negative effects recently. I earlier posted that I was breaking's what helped: wash your face before/after each use and keep the device glass surface clean. Benefits: minor but definite improvement of fine lines around the eyes, nasolabial, forehead areas. No improvement in my neck problem, ie elasticity. This product will not make a huge difference in your wrinkles but it will modestly help. Like everything else you must commit to using it as directed daily. I will continue to use this and recommend it's purchase. 4 stars for fine lines/wrinkles, missing one star for lack of improvement in "tighting" of my neck. Photos before/after

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  8. Does work! I am 58 years old and I was blessed with good genetics and have stayed out of the sun. I have recently noticed small changes in my face and neck area and I wantex to find something that didn’t cost an arm and a leg or require visits to a doctor or esthetician. I have used the unit for six weeks only and I noticed a change in texture and elasticity right away. My skin is good naturally so I was mostly looking for maintenance and I’ve seen positive results ie improvement. I have a hard time using it near my eyes and on my forehead. My eyes are sensitive to light and it is very bright. It is very easy to use, I use while driving to work mostly on the lower half of my face. The unit holds charge for a long time, mine was very affordable as I purchased it on Mega Morning Deals for less than half of its regular price. This method of treatment is affordable and easy to use. I noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin quickly, however it is subtle. Advice: Do not stay on one area too long or rub too vigorously as it will burn your skin. I got a sore spot that lightly scabbed over for a few days. That was my fault completely. This is the real thing and well worth the investment. I will keep using it.

    April Morris
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  9. Excellent! This is the next step of all skincare. As a 52 year old i've always took care of my skin and over time creams, serums and exfoliation can only go so far as we age. The red light from this wonderful little machine goes deep into the skin and stimulates the collagen. I've been using thid devicefor a week now before bed time along with my serums and creams. What a difference a week makes. Wish i had bought it sooner. Skin appears firmer and i know over the next seven weeks it'll only get even better, very happy to have found this. If you want to look your best invest in the best, its priceless. Thank you for such a great product!

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  10. Great value for money! I started using this device around 2 weeks ago so it is a little early to predict the final results of this treatment. I am using it every day in accordance with the instructions. What I can say is that my skin already feels softer and plumper and my lines and wrinkles are already showing signs of fading. I would even go as far as saying that my skin tone seems to be more even. I am 56 years old with fair, sun damaged skin so I am always looking for products that will help rejuvenate the jaded appearance of my skin. So far I am finding this device easy and comfortable to use and the red light is very relaxing and therapeutic. I ordered this from the UK and I'm very glad I chose this device out of the many on offer. I'm thrilled that my skin is reacting so well to this treatment and I'm looking forward to seeing even better results as time goes on.

  11. Very pleased! I am happier than I thought I would be with this purchase. I am 74 and since using this I have a significant decrease of deep line crow’s feet and lines around my mouth and on my cheeks. My son saw me using it the other day, asked me what it was for and when I explained it to him he said, “Keep using it because it’s made a difference!” I’ve used it almost daily for about nine months. It’s convent, easy and relaxing. I’m a fair-skinned redhead so have my share of lines! Glad I made the purchase.

  12. Lighten up! Twelve weeks ago I started my daily routine and decided to give it the full 3 months before really evaluating the results. So happy... the areas I chose to focus on are smoother and the skin looks more youthful. Didn't make things go away completely but I definitely feel it made a difference. The hardest part is the commitment you have to make daily but was worth it for me.

  13. Good investment! Cheaper than active creams! Really strong and Powerful infrared light treatment to activate your collagen. Results are seen fastly. It’s a very good product I’m really surprised by the quality of it and that it’s really working!

    Vendor Verified Purchase Pearl White
  14. This is the real deal ! This is the real deal, no question about it it works.

    Teri M.
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  15. Purhased and so far I think it is a good buy. Comfortable and easy! Just purchased and so far I think it is a good buy. Comfortable and easy.

    Kidonia Mavromatis
  16. Works! I have been using this for about 12 weeks. It does work but it takes time. My mom has made several comments that she can see a difference. You have to be patient, it is not a overnight fix..

    Jeanie Vance
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  17. What wrinkles? This thing is freaking wonderful. I have to admit I bought it wondering if I was wasting $$. I had those wrinkles above the upper lip from years of smoking and, as much as I hate to admit it, age. Within three days, I could see a remarkable change on my upper lip. The little lines and wrinkles were going away. If you have a wrinkle you don't like, buy this light. You will absolutely be amazed. There was no waste of money here.

    Graylyn Michelle Gelfling
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  18. Easy to use! This is great! Easy to use and fantastic for wrinkles!

    Deborah McNally
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  19. Love this product but don’t exspect a huge difference! Love this product but don’t expect a huge difference, 64 and have been told after a few months by several people that my skin looked good!

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  20. I do like it so far! I just got it two days ago. So we will see. I do like it so far!

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  21. MAGICAL ANTI-AGING DEVICE! Device helped reduce my fine lines and wrinkles. Also a perfect gift item. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    Rosalie Dairo
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