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AMT Global / Azure is medically and technologically driven to provide effective and safe dermatological treatments for use in Home and MediSpa environments that are clinically proven efficacious, USFDA 510(k) cleared. Azure products provide true medical grade value added solutions for all professionals and general consumers globally. AMT Global / Azure’s office is in Southern California and all engineering, design and final production QA, device testing and packaging are performed in California. Azure’s subassembly suppliers are ASEAN registered entities with facilities located in South East Asia.

How will Azure lead the industry in providing customers with first class proven wellness and skincare improvement solutions?

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Azure is distinct from most other skincare companies in that the mindset in our company is to not follow trends, rather to be the trend setter by designing top performing and peer reviewable trial and clinically proven FDA / Notified body cleared medical grade material devices with industry cutting edge electronics and optical materials.

Azure’s energy activated serums are developed by Clinical Biologists, Government Test Lab certified and actually will produce results. Azure does not “do” gimmicks like gold infusion, surface collagen goop, dermal surface stem cell, or whatever new “poppy, daisy or root plant we find in our garden” products.

Azure’s owner principals’ backgrounds are in Aerospace, Medical Electronics, Clinical Biologics, Dermatology, Cell Regenerative Medicine with an experienced Regulatory Legal / Law and MBA operation to keep us “in line”.

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