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AMT Global / Azure is medically and technologically driven to provide effective and safe dermatological treatments for use in Home and MediSpa environments that are clinically proven efficacious, USFDA 510(k) cleared. Azure products provide true medical grade value added solutions for all professionals and general consumers globally. AMT Global / Azure’s office is in Southern California and all engineering, design and final production QA, device testing and packaging are performed in California. Azure’s subassembly suppliers are ASEAN registered entities with facilities located in South East Asia.

How will Azure lead the industry in providing customers with first class proven wellness and skincare improvement solutions?

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Azure is distinct from most other skincare companies in that the mindset in our company is to not follow trends, rather to be the trend setter by designing top performing and peer reviewable trial and clinically proven FDA / Notified body cleared medical grade material devices with industry cutting edge electronics and optical materials.

Azure’s energy activated serums are developed by Clinical Biologists, Government Test Lab certified and actually will produce results. Azure does not “do” gimmicks like gold infusion, surface collagen goop, dermal surface stem cell, or whatever new “poppy, daisy or root plant we find in our garden” products.

Azure’s owner principals’ backgrounds are in Aerospace, Medical Electronics, Clinical Biologics, Dermatology, Cell Regenerative Medicine with an experienced Regulatory Legal / Law and MBA operation to keep us “in line”.

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Meet the Team

Donal Feak

Donald Feak Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Don Feak, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Azure Medical Technologies, is a thirty year electrical engineering veteran of the aerospace and medical avionics industry. Prior to founding Azure and its predecessor medical device company, PS advanced Engineering, his careerpath included Rockwell Collins Aerospace, Newport Corporation PS Advanced Engineering, Medical Data Electronics, McDonnell Dougleas, Lear Astronics, DRS Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL and Goddard NASA Deep Space and Ground Systems).

Combining the work experiences in optoelectronics has provided Don the basics for combining new technologies into practical FDA-cleared skincare applications.

Harry T. Moy, MBA

Harry T. Moy, MBA Chief Operating Officer

Harry T. Moy has provided over 30 years of financial and operational management to organizations in the private sector, specifically healthcare and related fields and the public sector in the mental health and internal services departments. His experiences are in the areas of development, implementation, monitoring, analysis and re-alignment of the financial and operating divisions of a company. He ensures fiscal compliance with private (commercial) and public (governmental) accounting standards of the industry. Mr. Moy’s ability to create a solid working rapport with outside vendors has enabled him to complete projects on time and within budget. Mr. Moy enjoys working in a challenging environment where situations are either within or outside his comfort zone.

Wen Winny Yang, Esq.

Wen Winny Yang, Esq. Chief Counsel

Ms. Wen Winny Yang is licensed to practice law in the State of California USA and before the United States Central District Court in California and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Ms. Yang engaged her J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California with Master’s degrees from the University of Hawaii and University of Colorado USA.

Ms. Yang worked at Hogg & McMillian in Los Angeles, California handling immigration and civil cases. She opened her own law office in March 1983 providing legal advice and guidance to client’s for over 35 years in the areas of business transactions, immigration law, and family law with the goal of serving her client’best interest.

Gail K. Naughton, Ph.D.

Gail K. Naughton, Ph.D. Chief Regenerative Medicine Advisor and Azure Investor

Gail K. Naughton, Ph.D., has been in tissue engineering research for 30 years, holds over 105 patents, and founded two regenerative medicine companies. Her current venture, Histogen, is focused on novel products from hypoxia induced stem cells. She is the Company’s CSO/CBDO and invented its core technology. She was the founder/co-inventor at Advanced Tissue Sciences, oversaw the design and development of the world’s first up-scaled manufacturing facility for tissue engineered products, established major corporate development partnerships, raised over $350M, and brought four products from concept through market launch. At Histogen Dr. Naughton developed a new skin care product, ReGenica, which was recently acquired by Allergan.

Dr. Naughton has been extensively published and a frequent speaker in the field of tissue engineering. In 2000, Dr. Naughton received the 27th Annual National Inventor of the Year award by the Intellectual Property Owners Association in honor of her pioneering work in regenerative medicine. She served as the Dean of the SDSU College of Business Administration from 2002-2011.