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Anti Wrinkle Machine – Reducing and Eliminating Wrinkles

Eliminating Wrinkles With A Handheld Anti Wrinkle Machine

Everyone wants to have skin that’s smooth, youthful, and wrinkle-free. While there are thousands of products in the wild that claim to provide smooth skin, many don’t really work. That’s why you should choose the best in cutting edge anti-aging tech, the AzureMedTech anti wrinkle SuperIntense MultiWavelength LEDs.

The Azure program  combines  either Radiance or Orion devices with :

  • Iridessence CellActive > Azure’s proprietary, Light Activated (EU Clinical Trail Efficacy Supported) rejuvenating serum comprised of Epidermal Growth Factors, Hemisqualine (sugercane derivative), Seakelp Coral (Lactobacillus/Kelp Ferment Filtrate) Bioferment, Enteromorpha Compressa Extract Linnaeus (green macroalgae),  and dermal firming Caesalpinia Spinosa with either Radiance or Orion devices.
  • Iridessence ToneTight > Azure’s post LED Treatment serum comprised of Matrixyl 3000, Natural Vitamin compounds, Green and Red Tea Extracts, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate,  Natural Antioxidant peptide compounds, and proven quick firming Pullalan  and Acmella Oleracea.

Azure’s goal is to provide the best most naturally derived paths toward skincare — from safe and effective concentrated Light energy proven to stimulate cell growth, to serums that are proven effective – not just some trendy flower derivative picked from a garden — , gentle naturally derived or extracted components.

Azure has a sizeable Celebrity User presence, numerous high profile Licensed Esthetician reviewers and blogger entries on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Few minutes a day —- In a matter of weeks, your skin will be more smooth and delicate than you can imagine.

Our process is based on proven technology that you’ll find in the best spas around the world. LED Photo Therapy is a light treatment that’s easy to apply from your own home as well as supremely gentle on your skin. This technique is effective, tested safe and inclusive for all Fitzpatrick skin types  as well, making it worth trying for anyone who has problems with wrinkles.


New Anti Wrinkle Machine Breakthroughs on the Horizon

  • Our next design, Genesis, is set to revolutionize skin care and anti-aging technology. It will rely on the same SuperIntense LED technology as Radiance and Orion but is slated to provide power density coverage over the entire face equal or better than any professional-grade Dermatology Office skincare panel in the world. Full treatment area, Medical Grade materials, Light Pattern Forming optics exclusive and proprietary in 2 or 4 pod options for mid to large treatment areas which reduce  treatment times to 3 minutes per day.  Finally, it will run on AC/DC wall outlet power or rechargeable batteries.
  • Azures’ Lyra New Method Multi Wavelength (Red / Infrared / and Blue) Narrow Bandwidth device is in prototype process (August 2020) and will be submitted for USFDA 510K OTC clearance this Fall timeframe. There is —- nothing —- that will compete with this alternative to Antibiotics / Accutane and Doctor Administered MAL photoactivated treatments.


AzureMedTech Leads the Way To Eliminating Wrinkles

Here at AzureMedTech, we’re constantly looking to find new ways to help you look as young and beautiful as your heart desires. Our existing anti-wrinkle devices are already among the best solutions on the market, and if you give it a try you’re sure to see your skin grow smoother within eight weeks. If you’re interested in ordering our current products or keeping up to date with new developments, get in touch with us.

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