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“Miracle in the Making”

Azure Medical Technologies was established with the intrinsic goal of creating over-the-counter holistic and effective skin care and wellness products.  Azure specializes in the design of USFDA 510(K) clearable Level 2 Medical Devices to provide effective and safe dermatological treatments of various skin conditions and disorders.  Its anti-aging wrinkle reduction devices are currently in the market.  They are Azure Orion and Azure Radiance which can factually claim to reduce facial wrinkles in convenient 3-minute per treatment area sessions and 5 days a week with visible results in 2 months or less.

Azure will further enhance its customer’s at-home or medi-spa skin therapy with its scientifically formulated Cleansers, Cell Active Serums, ToneTite Lotions and SPF Sunscreen Gels soon to be introduced.

Azure is a company of dreamers and doers.  Its passion serves as the impetus to pair medical research with technology in its product design to afford its customers with transformative experiences.  Its uncompromising work ethics ensures the making of the best products for consumers and the trust it has earned worldwide for its superior products.

Azure’s BUSINESS MODEL is to help our customers serve their customers better.  We engage in a B2B2C distribution and delivery model with flexible offline/online business channels to better serve the customers.  We also offer white-label opportunities.  This creates additional business possibilities with renowned brands worldwide enabling Azure to provide the most powerful and clinically proven skin care device to anyone and everyone.  Especially those who are unable to schedule regular office visits with the dermatologist and at a very affordable value.

“Why should you believe Azure … because of its diverse leadership team which brings a wealth of experience in product design and development as well as management and operations”

C.  Don Feak, III

Inventor, Designer and Chief Technology Officer

Don’s talents span the full technology spectrum, including without limiting hardware design, Laser and super-intense LED, embedded (Micro) control, spectroscopic imaging, FMEA reliability analysis, with specific experience in the medical electronic dermatalogic applications of photo biomodulation and stimulation, microderm abrasion, radio frequency, thermal-pneumatic and microcurrent.

While at his prior employments, Don engaged in electrical engineering design of numerous high reliability design projects including commercial & military airframe/spaceborne avionics systems for NASA/JPL and Goddard Space Flight Center projects as well as for critical medical monitoring devices.

Don worked as a systems and electrical engineer at the following companies/agencies before joining Azure:

  • Hughes Space and Communications
  • DRS Technologies
  • McDonnell Douglas
  • Medical Data Electronics
  • Lear Astronics
  • Newport Laser Research

Gail K. Naughton, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur, Azure Investor and Chief Regenerative Medicine Advisor

Dr. Gail is a well respected scientist and a frequent speaker in the field of tissue engineering.  She has spent nearly 30 years in extensive research of the tissue engineering process, she has authored numerous scientific publications, she holds over 105 U.S. and foreign patents, and she has founded two regenerative medicine companies.

Among Dr. Gail’s many accomplishments, she received the 27th Annual National Inventor of the Year award by the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) in honor of her pioneering work in the field of tissue engineering.  She was a co-inventor of core technology for companies and she oversaw the design and development of the world’s first upscale manufacturing facility for tissue engineering products.

Dr. Gail is Azure’s Medical Advisor and she collaborates with engineers on integration of tissue engineering processes and devices with light-emitting / radio frequency technologies and ultrasonic / thermal methodologies.

Harry Moy

Finance and Operations Officer

Harry has provided over 30 years of financial and operational management to organizations in the private (commercial) and public (governmental) sectors with the majority of experience in the healthcare and related fields.  Skill-sets include development, implementation, monitoring, analysis and re-alignment of efficiencies of various companies and agencies.

Wen Winny Yang, ESQ.

Legal Counsel

Winny is Azure’s in-house legal counsel.  Winny is licensed to practice law in the State of California  and she is also admitted and qualified as Attorney at Law and Counselor by the United States Central District Court in California and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  She is an active member or the State Bar of California and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

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